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From:    Kermit Weeks

Re:        All of Life Is A School


Dear Friend and Seeker of your Highest Potential,


Hello, my name is Kermit Weeks and I just wrote and self-published a new Children's Book I just know you are going to love and will want to share with a special child in your life.


Can you think back on your childhood and come up with a book you remember over all others? Do you remember anyone special that might have read it to you? Was there a special message from it that you carried through life?


I still remember my mother reading me the book, “The Little Engine that Could!” And I can still remember the message that little train kept repeating over and over as he tried to climb the hill, “I think I can, I think I can!” And I’ve been thinking, “I can” all my life!


If you had the opportunity to to create a profound memory like that

 for a child, would you?


Create that Profound Memory

Here are 10 Great Reasons why you should consider this offer-

  • Spending Quality Time with a Child with a Book is a great way to Nurture their Growth, Strengthen your Bond with them, and Model Great Values of Life that they will need to interact in a diverse world. There is NOTHING MORE VALUABLE than Sharing Quality Time with a Child through Reading!


  • Reading is a Fundamental Skill for Life. Teaching a child to read becomes a stepping-stone for a child's future and is a necessity for obtaining Knowledge, Discovering Possibilities, Keeping Up with Current Events and Furthering Education. It is the foundation for their continued Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual growth for the rest of their life!


Walt Disney once said, "I would rather entertain and hope that people learn rather than teach and hope they are entertained." Gee Bee exemplifies this statement.


Dick Nunis,

Retired Chairman

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts



If you could lay a foundation for a child to enjoy reading AND learn valuable lessons, would you?


Lay that Foundation!

  • Illustrated Books are a Fun Way to introduce your Child to the Joys of Reading and a Great Way to Stimulate their Imagination. This book delivers what we ALL share in Common in an Entertaining way where You and Your Child can LEARN FROM EACH OTHER and Self-Discover the Potential that lies within you Both!

      "If you tell a child, they will forget...

 If you show a child, they might remember...

If you emotionally engage a child, they will never forget!"

  • Reading a Great Book takes You and Your Child Back to Basics. Non-interactive learning options like mindless television do not actively engage the imagination of your child. Reading is a Proactive Learning Experience that can provide the environment to Engage You and Your Child to share an Interactive Experience Together!

  • Many of today's learning opportunities are based on non-reality and things that are not common in the Real World. The characters in this story are based on Things That Are Real...Real Aircraft, Real Stories and Real Personalities of our Past! This book gives you the opportunity to take this Great Story and expand it into learning about Real History!

One of my most profound beliefs is that everyone should learn from life every day, and I constantly reiterate that thought to our people.


Herb Kelleher

Founder of Southwest Airlines


If you had the ability to share a Powerful lesson of life with a certain child, would you?


Share a Powerful Lesson» 


  • This Great Story has been combined with the Best-Trained Illustrators in the business! The Quality of Content has been combined with the Durability of the Extra Thick and Glossy Pages that deliver a Timeless product that will give your Child a Lifetime of Joy!

  • Fantasy of Flight is a Real Place! Many of the characters in this book Actually Live at the facility featured in the Book. You and your child could one day visit the real Fantasy of Flight. This might Nurture and Spark an Interest and Further Exploration of Knowledge in History, Math, Science and Technology!

  • Reading the book with your child would be a short-term way to learn but would create long-term childhood memories of spending time together and Create a Bond to carry forward through the lifetime of your relationship!

Kermit Weeks in All of Life is a School gives children, parents and teachers a book full of colors, actions and lessons. Making good choices, the importance of mastering the basic and the value of preparation are all richly presented by animated airplanes full of character. Most compelling is the message of mistakes being opportunities to learn and grow. Read and discuss this book with your child, and you both will grow.

Kevin M. Kindelan, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist in Private Practice



If there was a way to enhance the bond with a child you love, would you?


Begin to Enhance the Bond!

  • This book has over Forty Valuable Issues of Life to discuss with Children including; Sibling Relationships, Telling the Truth, Working Together, Self-Discovery, Opportunity for New Experiences, Learning from our Mistakes and that Everyone is Unique!

     "You don't always get what you want...

            but you ALWAYS get what you need!"


In his beautifully imagined and richly illustrated new book, All of Life is a School, Kermit Weeks has combined aviation history and life lessons in a story that will captivate children of all ages.  He emphasizes the importance of preparedness and teamwork in a delightful and amusing way that will resonate with young readers.


Cynthia McDanal, Ph. D.

Licensed Psychologist


  • Is there a book that stands out from your childhood? Is there a book you saved in a trunk somewhere that whenever you see, touch and feel it you are taken back to a time of fond Childhood Memories? Was there a lesson that carried you through life? How important is it that we begin our Journey of Life with these Valuable Opportunities?

"Wouldn't you like to be the person that gives that opportunity to a child you deeply care about?


Be That Person » 


So what gives me the right to tell you how great this product is? Why should you believe my claims?

  • First and foremost, I am a father! I wrote this book to impart a Valuable Life Lesson to my Little Girl Katie.

  • I have been a longtime Student of Life and love to fly, not only in the sky, but also in my dreams!

  • I built my first airplane when I was a teenager, and learned to fly while building most of my first flyable airplane at age seventeen and still in High School! I test flew it myself when I was twenty-one.

"If you could share with a child how important your dreams were as a child, would you?


Share Those Dreams


Wow!  What a cool book.  Kermit Weeks has written the most beautiful story with delightful illustrations based around some of the funkiest flyers in history.  Haven’t we all thought so often that the Gee Bee racers are some of the most charming and delightful aeroplanes ever invented?  They could make the cast of an amazing world and it has taken Kermit and the Project Firefly team to share this delightful story with kids young and old around the world.

Kermit has shared so much inspiration with the creation of his Fantasy of Flight museum and now he has taken that wonderment to the pages of this great story and shared a little bit of his dreams with us all.

Cheers to you Kermit from a new bunch of fans in New Zealand

Richard Taylor

Creative Director, Weta Workshop

  • I competed on the US Aerobatic Team and won twenty medals in six World Aerobatic Championships and became a two time US National Aerobatic Champion. All this was done in two airplanes I built myself!

  • I have lived and breathed historic airplanes for over forty years! I am the most notable collector of Vintage Airplanes in the World with over 140 airplanes.

  • I have followed my dreams to create Fantasy of Flight in Central Florida as a place for others to discover theirs. It's based around the concept that -

    • Everyone is on a journey

    • Our perception of Reality changes at each step

    • Something draws us beyond ourselves

  • This book is another step on my Journey to help lay the foundation for creating a new generation Theme-Park Industry based on Things That Are Real!

This fun and unique story has a profound message you will always remember. It is one you will want to share with neighbors, friends and family for years to come.

I am proud to share with you the most Valuable, Timeless and Universal Secret I Have Learned in Life!


The #1

Most Valuable


You will Ever Teach

Your Child!

And Yourself as well!



                                            is the title of my new Book...




In it you will -

  • Discover - Over Forty Great Life Issues to Discuss with your Children!

  • Meet - A Delightful Cast of Characters with a Great Message!

  • Learn - About the Golden Age of Aviation History and a time when everyone strived to become all they could be!

  • Receive Free - an AUDIO file right now of the story read by the author, Kermit Weeks!


  • Collect - An autographed copy by the author for a limited time only!



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Thank you,




My Guarantee

Kermit Weeks’

Absolute Satisfaction




If for any reason in the next 30 days you don’t agree that this book is worth every penny, simply contact us and we will gladly send you instructions on how to return the book for a full refund.

No Questions asked!




One Last Comment

"Decisions are moments of choice,

          forks along our pathways of life...

                     that determine our Destiny!


And in those moments of choice...

           Whether we go one way... or another...

                     we will always learn from that choice...

                                because one thing is for certain...

                                        ALL OF LIFE IS A SCHOOL!"


                                                          - Kermit Weeks



Life is too short not to enjoy every cherished moment

we can with the children in our lives!

Make a difference!


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